About us

LOCI : ‘place as a space with a distinct character’.

LOCI ARCHITECTS is a design studio founded by Jamie Anderson, a former owner of ‘aiolou architects’. Based on 15 years experience in architecture and interior design, the studio aims to produce high quality design solutions, tailored to meet the needs of both the client and of the specific place.

The majority of our projects are based in Mani, while our Athens office takes on projects on the islands and throughout mainland Greece. Each project is based on the belief that every place has its own set of forces and unique stimulation ranging from the local architecture and materials through to the surrounding terrain, climate and even culture and history of the area. By responding to these forces we find that our design solutions are at one with the place and the surrounding land and nature, while at the same time incorporating the contemporary trends in interiors, materials and furnishings. We offer our clients a highly creative, practical and ultimately personal service and through close collaboration and understanding, we strive to make design an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Jamie Anderson, architect

Jamie was born and studied Architecture in Edinburgh, UK with a particular interest in the design theory of ‘genius loci’. From 2000-2003 he worked in Edinburgh developing skills in building renovations, conservation and project management. Following his move to Greece in 2003 he became a co-founder of ‘aiolou architects’, with the vision of bringing architecture, inspired by culture and nature, closer to the needs of the client. His new vision, with the establishment of ‘LOCI architects’, is to offer a fully customised experience, with solutions that embrace the architectural design and the landscaping through to the interiors and site specific sustainable design solutions.

Stephany Tzanoudaki, interior designer

Stephany is a Greek Interior Designer who studied in the UK and completed her Doctorate in Visual Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She is a lecturer and consultant on interior styling and trends, having established her own company in 2008. She has built a very good relationship with many interior companies in Greece and throughout Europe, focusing on how the contemporary meets with historical styles, materials, patterns and textures. She has worked as a researcher and as an Interior Designer in many countries including Greece, UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Holland.


The studio collaborates with a trusted team of engineers, builders and craftsmen to produce the highest quality results. Strong collaborations with many established firms and suppliers throughout Greece, ensures the quality of our service and final product.